Delegate a Task in OmniFocus with Sparrow

Sparrow updated a few hours ago and brought with it basic support for AppleScript. I wanted to test it out and see what they included so I whipped this very basic script to delegate a task in OmniFocus by sending an email with details about the task using Sparrow. Here is how it works:

Download this AppleScript: Send to Sparrow or copy and paste the code in to a script of your own.

Put the script in your ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/OmniFocus directory.

Customize your OmniFocus toolbar by dragging the script anywhere in the toolbar.

Now all you have to do is select a task and click the icon to Send to Sparrow

The email opens with a static subject while the task name, context, and note are in the body of the email. These could be arranged in any order you like by editing the script.

In this example, my task name is Buy 12″ Galvanized Turbine Head and its context is @Home Improvement Store followed by the note

And that’s it. Enjoy!