Quickly Add Files to OmniFocus with Alfred

Have you ever created a task in OmniFocus that needed a file attached? Sure you have and there are a million different ways to make that happen. But how do you track down the file that you need? I instinctively rely on Alfred because it is the path of least resistance. Alfred will find that file in any directory as fast as I can type, so why not use Alfred to send that file to OmniFocus?

This Alfred extension is intended to be used as an Action and lets you send a file to whatever task is currently selected in OmniFocus. It will even ask you if want to embed the file or just create and alias to the file and add that to the task.

Download the extension here: Send File to OmniFocus

Only tested on Mac OS X Lion (current version) and OmniFocus on MAS (current version)


Now enjoy some action shots!

File embed choice: