Open Chrome in Incognito Mode from Alfred


This extension will allow you to open Google Chrome in its Incognito mode for those times you need a flash capable browser with the added benefits of Chrome’s private mode.

I like to mark the Chrome application to be ignored by Alfred so that when I start typing Chrome this extension is the only one that comes up, that way I use it every time. To configure this simply pull up the info for the Google Chrome application and add alfred:ignore in the Spotlight comments.



Now install this Alfred extension: Open Google Chrome

This extension just executes the command:

open -a Google\ Chrome –new –args -incognito

/via Cool Geex

Again, I have no idea why anyone would ever need this extension but here it is if you want it!

Tested on Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 (11C74) – Google Chrome 10.0.874.106