Thumbtack 2 – New UI, Spotlight Integration, and More


I released Thumbtack in February of 2012, three years ago exactly. At the time I was trying to learn Objective-C from books and code tutorials until a friend convinced me I would learn faster if I thought of an app that I was passionate about and focused my energy on building something specific. Thumbtack was born from my own personal and simplistic use of Pinboard. Over the years I received a ton of user requests. Requests like search capabilities, AppleScript support, integration with tags, global hotkeys, and so much more.

Today I am happy to announce the release of Thumbtack 2 — a FREE update for existing customers. A completely re-written version that meets all of my user requests to date (although I have already received more haha). I had promised search for a long time and I am happy to have finally delivered it. Thumbtack 2 is everything I had hoped the first version would become and I even have a few ideas of where to go next with it. It was  a fun challenge to keep the spirit of Thumbtack and its simplicity but also pack in all of the features users wanted. I decided to release it as a free update for existing customers to thank them for supporting me from the very beginning.

Version 2 Highlights:

• Access to all bookmarks, no longer limited to most recent
• Search with advanced filters
• Post management: Add, Copy, or Delete bookmarks
• Add with Safari Extension or system-wide service
• Native integration with Spotlight
• AppleScript support for extending to third-parties
• Hover over a bookmark and hit the spacebar for a quicklook preview
• Global hotkey
• And SO MANY more user requests

Thumbtack 2 is available on the App Store

Learn more at

Twitter Archive Alfred 2 Workflow by David Ferguson


I half-jokingly asked David on Twitter to make an Alfred 2 (Beta) workflow that could quickly search Twitter’s new downloadble tweet archive, but knowing he is a busy guy I didn’t really expect him to make it. However David came through and really delievered on another excellent add-on to Alfred.


This Twitter Archive workflow is easy to configure and simple to use. Just install the workflow and run the import command including the folder path to the csv data like in the example below.



The workflow will generate its own SQLite database of your tweets, making search lightning fast. Selecting a tweet from the search results will open it in or you can hit CMD+C to copy the URL to your clipboard. It works flawlessly.



Download the Twitter Archive workflow

Also, be sure to check out his blog which is updated regularly with tons of Alfred goodies and follow him on Twitter @jdfwarrior.

Gitfred: An Alfred v2 (beta) Workflow for GitHub

Alfred Mega Supporters are currently rejoicing the first beta release of Alfred v2. One of the long awaited features, teased by the developer, are the new workflows that enable users to develop comprehensive actions using many of Alfred’s powerful features wrapped up inside of neat little packages. David Ferguson has already whipped up some great examples like his Rdio and Mail search workflows. I thought I would share my first workflow I created for the beta Alfred v2 called Gitfred. It is a workflow for interacting with your GitHub account, specifically for quickly launching repos, issues, and gists.

To use Gitfred, type one of these commands:

  • repos – list available repositories
  • issues – list open issues
  • gists – list view gists

*To use Gitfred, you must enter in your GitHub credentials. To do this, download and install the workflow, open the workflow folder and edit the file. Change the USERNAME and PASSWORD variables, then save the file and close it.


Download: Gitfred Alfred Workflow

Gitfred is powered by the PyGithub project

How to Implement Multi-File Actions in Alfred 1.3

I wanted to write up a quick post on how I implement multi-file actions in Alfred 1.3 so you can get a better idea on how to use the new feature and hopefully use this to start making your own multi-file extensions.

My language of choice, as usual, is bash; however the concept is the same in any language. Alfred provides your extension with a tab delimited string of files that you parse and perform actions on.


The code above is a basic implementation in bash that parses the input by tabs and puts each file in to an array. Then iterates through the array and does something with each file. The only line worth specifically noting is the line:


Even though tabs are already apart of the default IFS (input field separators) along with spaces and newlines – I have overwritten the IFS to consist of only tabs so that filenames with spaces don’t break up in to multiple items in the array.

Here is a full blown example implementation in an Alfred shell script extension that is designed to accept multiple files and batch rename the files based on a prefix supplied by the user. A download link for the extension is provided at the end of the post. [1]

*Note: In order for this extension to accept multiple files, it is required to check the new option in the extension’s settings: “Accept multiple files as argument”

To wrap this up, here is a video of the extension in action:

  1. Alfred Extension Download Link: Rename Multiple Files

Quickly Add Files to OmniFocus with Alfred

Have you ever created a task in OmniFocus that needed a file attached? Sure you have and there are a million different ways to make that happen. But how do you track down the file that you need? I instinctively rely on Alfred because it is the path of least resistance. Alfred will find that file in any directory as fast as I can type, so why not use Alfred to send that file to OmniFocus?

This Alfred extension is intended to be used as an Action and lets you send a file to whatever task is currently selected in OmniFocus. It will even ask you if want to embed the file or just create and alias to the file and add that to the task.

Download the extension here: Send File to OmniFocus

Only tested on Mac OS X Lion (current version) and OmniFocus on MAS (current version)


Now enjoy some action shots!

File embed choice: